May 12, 2023

Hey Everybody,

     It’s Friday Follies time, so here we go again…

     First of all, I thank God especially for your mothers because they gave birth to some of my favorite people – you, of course!! So since Mother’s Day is coming up, I thought I’d quote from one of my Blue Mountain Arts cards inspired by my mother…

Mothers Are the Greatest Gifts of All

Mothers love you no matter what and their arms wrap around you like no other arms can, especially when you’re lost in the shuffle of life and the way down is the only way up.

No one else can understand you like your mother or make you feel so loved. She’ll sacrifice for you and be sensitive to your every painful mistake and regret. She’ll care for you and do everything she can to help you.

She gave you life and she allows you to live it however you decide to, right or wrong. She steers you but lets you go your own way. She is invested in your destiny. After all, she rearranged her world for you. She always wants the best for you, and you’re always at the top of her prayer list.

Thank you, Mother, for giving me life and for always being there when I call. Thank you, God, for creating mothers and giving me the best mother of all.

Here’s wishing you all the most wonderful Mother’s Day. I hope you get to celebrate this day with your mother, but if not, may your heart be filled with loving memories.

Love to all,
Miss Hermit