According to the music historian known as “Mr. Music,” Jerry Osborne of KKNW recently revealed these extraordinary facts…….

“After reviewing the music annals of over 5,000 vinyl era musicians, spread over three primary genres – POP, R&B, and C&W – we can now confirm how extraordinarily uncommon it is for someone to begin their career with even three consecutive No.1 hits, much less four. To be clear, most of these artists did have records out before their first chart appearances, but they didn’t chart and are irrelevant to this project.“From the introduction of the 45rpm single in early 1945, through 1989…..and after reviewing……..there is just one quintet and one woman whose chart history began with four straight number ones. First came the Jackson 5, and what they accomplished with their first 4 smash hits, on the POP and the R&B charts, was NOT equaled by any other group, or by any of the Jacksons as solo artists.” “Then Donna Fargo burst on the scene in March 1972, and soon had four reasons to be the happiest girl in the whole USA.”

1972: FUNNY FACE (Dot 17429)
1973: SUPERMAN (Dot 17444)
1973: YOU WERE ALWAYS THERE (Dot 17460)

“That’s all! Can you believe it?” “During the specified 40 years, when music was primarily analog physical media, with its countless icons and megastars, NONE of whom matched what ONLY Donna Fargo and the Jackson 5 accomplished! And no else did so on the POP charts, only C&W and R&B.”