March 24, 2023

Happy Friday Follies Everybody!

Thanks for stopping by. Hey, I just finished reading a book I think you would like. It’s called FAITH STILL MOVES MOUNTAINS by Harris Faulkner.  There are 19 stories about the importance that God, prayer, and faith played in the lives of people trying to soldier through the hard times and they come out with broken places healed.  It’s really well written and easy to read.

To switch subjects here…As I was thanking God for my blessings, I thought I’d pass on an exercise I found myself involved in, and that is…to think seriously about the people you’re most thankful for and pray for them individually out loud.

The family you were born into – we wouldn’t be who we are without their influence and DNA.  We had no choice about it, so this must have been a God thing.

Everyone who’s influenced your thinking – you know, the ones who come in and out of our heart space and play among our memories – the if it hadn’t been for so and so who did whatever, you wouldn’t have experienced something wonderful in your life.

Friendships that are meaningful and long-lasting and so important to you – the people who stand by you no matter what and have your back.

All that makes you you – your spirit, mind, and body – I thank God every day that I was inspired to educate my spirit by reading THE NEW TESTAMENT and listening to wonderful spiritual lessons on cd by among others the best BIBLE teacher of all time – Kenneth E. Hagin.

If we don’t educate ourselves spiritually, we’re limited to our mind and body otherwise.  And if so, that’s a loss of 1/3 of our potential.

Oh, I’m so glad NEWSMAX is back on!  We need to hear all the voices that have the potential to give us clarity about what’s going on in our country. Amen?

I hope you’re all well and happy and have a real relationship with God, your spiritual Father.

Love you guys so much,