March 10, 2023

Hey, it’s Friday Follies so let’s talk! It’s amazing how we can stay in touch with all this unbelievable technology. Huh? The calendar says this day is the anniversary of the first telephone call by Alexander Graham Bell 147 years ago! Wow! And how dependent we’ve become on that little phone! So let’s look at where we are now…we’re able to communicate with the world in mere seconds. That’s quite a feat. Yet while we’ve come closer digitally, it seems so important to keep our foundation strong by steadfastly maintaining the meaningful personal relationships in our lives. We know that nothing can take the place of a friend’s voice, smile or hug. Let’s continue to find ways to share our friendship and compassion and not get lost in this ever-changing de-personalized world of texts and emails. I mean we are Americans, and our freedom is based on our ability to unite and respect each other despite our differences.

I guess that’s why I have so much confidence in all of you. I want to quote from one of my writings in my latest book Everything Is Possible with God and dedicate it to you…

“Bless you for being you. Bless you for inspiring others with your kindness and for caring enough to lift people up and accept them without judgment.”

“Bless you for living your life so that people recognize God in you. After all, you’re made in His image spiritually, so there should be a resemblance because you’re one of His children. You have power and royalty within you, and you are in God’s will if you claim your inheritance. Celebrate the gift of your life always.”

I love you so. Stay healthy, safe, and happy.