April 21, 2023

Hey You Guys!

Well, we finally have signs of Spring sneaking up on us here in Nashville, and the change of season is inspiring and beautiful.  I’m sure you’re all experiencing similar weather patterns in your locations.  And if you’re anything like me, you appreciate joy any way you can get it, whether it’s associated with sunny weather or fantastic Friday Follies fun like we have every Friday.  Hot dog!

I like to share things that work for me in my life hoping to give ideas that might help others, so here goes one…When I’m upset or fretful with myself and I need a change of attitude about whatever it is, I try to combat it with a scripture.  For example, if I find that a fear scenario is working in my mind, I use II Cor. 10:5 and say “I cast down imaginations and bring every thought into obedience to Christ.”  And I say that over and over aloud and to myself.  It really helps change the mind.  There are several that could work, like “I choose to walk in God’s perfect will for my life,” and THE BIBLE says “Fear not.”  So I say “I choose to have faith and not fear.”  Or come up with your own favorite scripture from the NEW TESTAMENT.  It’s always a good thing to say “I choose” whatever it is you’re trying to effect a change in.  Or let’s say you have a problem with someone in your family or someone you perceive as a “toxic” acquaintance, it’s important to realize that all we have is our lives and we shouldn’t expect someone to change themselves for us. And likewise, we don’t have to change for someone else.  We are all unique.  Not saying there aren’t things we need to change about ourselves, but if that’s the case recognize that and get to it.  As far as others go, it won’t feel right or good when they’ve hurt your feelings or you’re rattled, but that’s exactly the time you need to pray for them. I know it’s easier said than done. But you will immediately see the authority you can take over a situation or your own attitude or your own feelings. It will make you feel better.  THE BIBLE says “Love one another.”  It doesn’t say we have to like one another.  This is a good opportunity to accept others as they are and be kinder to ourselves. I think what’s so important is to refuse to let someone influence you to make your behavior negative as a result of some misunderstanding or bad relationship.  If everyone would just practice the Golden Rule, I’ll bet most of the craziness we see now in our society would change.  Amen?

Thank you for all your sweet comments on the Facebook posts.  It’s fun to catch up with you and it’s so nice to hear from my former students too.  One message from last week made me cry.  It also touches my heart to hear your thoughts about my music because we probably wouldn’t know each other without it.  Speaking of music, I have listened to the 50-song cd, THE UNIVERSAL RECORDINGS, that a company in England is selling, and we’re going to make it available on the website soon. We will tell you more about it later.  And I’m getting excited that I might see some of you in my hometown on July 4th.  In addition, there will be a private luncheon on July 5th, so if you’re interested, contact my fan club coordinator Linda Cottingham for information.  If you do plan to be there, I wish you a safe, enjoyable trip without any inconvenience, and I can’t wait to see you.

Oh my.  I’m so wordy.  Okay, I’ll work on my economy of words next time.  Just bear with me.

Love, love, love,