September 15, 2023


Hey My Favorite People In This Crazy Big World,

I hope you’re being good to yourselves, loving everybody you meet and they’re loving you back, and if they’re not…well, wish them well.  I just read something somebody wrote me about once and it had to do with how I get through the ups and downs of life and I told them this…

Well, when I’m riding high on hope and fresh inspiration, I just know I can do anything.  But when I’m down here trudging through the mud puddles of life and getting all this stuff between my toes, all I really wanta’ do is wash my dirty feet.  So that’s normal.  I guess.  But that’s kinda’ like letting life live us, though.  Huh?

And then they asked me about what to do when your dream is not coming true.  And I said…Dreams are important, but really life is the prize.  Life is a journey.  Keep in close touch with your attitude because you need to stay strong and grounded and committed whether you’re up or down or in-between.  Every day won’t be a skippety do da day.  I know that.  But everything’s gonna’ be all right.  I also know that.  You can’t give more than you have or be someone you’re not.  But you don’t need to.  You’re supposed to be you.  Just you.  That’s enough.  You’re unique.  There’s no one like you.  You have a right to be here and pursue any dream you have so long as it’s not harmful to someone else.  Sometimes the dream decides if and when it wants to come true.  You’ve got power if you have love in your heart and focus and passion for the dream so long as you’re a doer and not just a dreamer and a talker.  Life is good.  Life is great.  Soak it in.  Love it with all your heart.  All the time.  Things may not be perfect.  You may not have everything you want.  Don’t judge the outcome by what you don’t have now.  Goals often require a process.  They’re usually not instant rewards.  You’ve got your life.  Live it like it matters.  Because it does.

Don’t judge others or try to change them…Their lives are their own just as your life is your own.  Believe the best of others, not the worst.  Treat them like you wish to be treated…Welcome the challenges.  They’re opportunities for you to gain respect for yourself.  That attitude makes you comfortable in your own skin and builds confidence, authenticity and integrity.  Let your imagination take you to the place where there is nothing to be afraid of and no one can steal your joy.  Celebrate every day and every opportunity.  Your destiny calls.

You’ve got your family, your dreams, your country.  You’ve got your heart, your purpose, your feelings, your belief system, and your code of ethics.  Don’t let your body always dictate to your mind.  You are more than your humanistic self.  You are a spirit, mind, and body.  The mind is the door to your spirit.  This is your life, and you’ve got God if you create a relationship with Him and it would be so worth your while if you do so.  You’re limiting yourself if you don’t.  Big time!  You’re God’s child spiritually, so don’t let Him down and don’t let yourself down.   Yes, dreams are important, but always remember that life is the prize.

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I love you all so much and I hope you have the best weekend.  Until next time….Miss Hermit gotta’ get some work done.



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