1972-2022 Commemorative Print Set – Collectible


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You are buying three 8 x 10 prints all for the low price of $20.00These three prints together will be quick to become a collectible. This grouping was designed to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Donna’s first smash hit, “Happiest Girl in the Whole USA.”

The first print is to celebrate “The Happiest Girl” turning 50. The second print highlights Donna’s 2022 cd called ALL BECAUSE OF YOU. The third print is a redesigned version of Donna’s first single from ALL BECAUSE OF YOU called “One of the Good Guys.”

There are several ways to turn this into a very impressive display these beautiful prints. If you have table space by placing them in a frame on an easel (as pictured). If you don’t have the table space, imagine how beautiful they would be framed in a collage hanging on a wall!

A gift every devoted fan of Donna Fargo would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, to have!