May 26, 2023

Hey My Favorite People in our Friday Follies Club,

              With Memorial Day coming up, I always remember the men and women who paid with their lives for our freedom, and I’ll bet you do, too.

              When I was a little girl, I used to think that our country was like one big family and we were all related because we lived here together.  Everybody respected each other’s right to be different, unique, and okay just because we were human beings, children of God, and citizens in a place we all loved.  It seemed like the president was president for all the people not just the party he belonged to and we were all happy to live here.  Sadly today patriotism is something that is too often looked down upon and is in danger of extinction if we’re not careful.  We see many Americans on tv who don’t even respect the flag enough to put their hand over their hearts or to stand for our national anthem.  Yes, we can do better but can’t we at least be thankful also for the progress we have made.  We owe so much more to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our nation.   If for no other reason than to honor their memory, let’s all realize how fortunate we are to call America our home and to show our patriotic spirit for our soldiers who died defending our principles.

As I look back, maybe my attitude was all in my mind but now I believe it was that sense of patriotism that inspired me to write a song called “U.S. of A.” sometime around 1974. These words mean even more to me today.  Some of you might remember it.

U.S. OF A.

I worked in your fields this morning

I traveled your highways today

Used a creek and a rainbow for a road map

And a tree for a chapel to pray

I’m so proud to sing your praises

And to live in the land of the free

I’m just one of your children who loves you

You’re home sweet home to me

United States of America

Where I can be

Whatever I can be

Free to think as I choose

Right or wrong

Win or lose

Where my only limitation is me

United States of America

I believe in the red white and blue

And I thank you for all you’ve done for me

And I’ll do my best for you

United States of America

Hallelujah, we love you


And, as a citizen of my country, I believe it is my duty to obey your laws,

To try to be a worthy individual, a positive example, and a productive and responsible citizen,

To be informed and concerned about our nation’s affairs and to voice my beliefs constructively,

To practice diligently an attitude of brotherly love and hold no hatred against anyone, and, when one of my brothers makes a mistake, be he peasant or president, I will try to treat him as I would want to be treated, with compassion and understanding.

And I will continue to be proud for the opportunity to live in the greatest nation in the world, a nation borne out of faith in God and sustained only if that faith and the support of the American people remain strong.

United States of America

Hallelujah, we love you

Copyright by Embassy Music Corporation.  Written and recorded by Donna Fargo on the ABC Dot album MISS DONNA FARGO.

I wish you all a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.  Celebrate and have fun. Be safe and stay healthy and happy.  Life is such a special gift.  I am so thankful to know you. May we all never give up on the American dream and the values that make it possible.