April 7, 2023

Happy Friday Follies Everybody,

I “follied” my heart and wrote this poem for you:

I sent you popcorn wishes, daydreams off the beaten path, soft words and gentle hugs of friendship to let you know I care.

I prayed prayers for you to find answers to questions you may have about life, your health, your family and anything else that you’re concerned about.  I prayed that you would walk in God’s perfect will for your life.

I thanked God for everyone of you and wished you everything you wish for in the quiet, secret and deepest part of your being.

Amid the clutter and confusion in this crazy mixed up world, remember how very special you are to God because each one of you is His child, and always remember and be thankful for how special He is to you.

Growing up is time consuming, and there’s no book for how to do it except The New Testament.  There’s a vacuum of spiritual leadership now, but we have to find our own way anyhow as we renew our minds with God’s Word.  Be sure to talk to God a lot.  He’s a God of love, so just love Him and don’t go anywhere without Him.  He’s your mighty shield of armor and your shelter from the storms in life.  He’s your Refuge, your Confidante, your Helper, your Protector, and your Savior.  Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly.

There’s a lot of hate going around now.  If you find a speck of it trying to sneak up on you, get rid of it immediately.  It’s the most negative and destructive energy there is.  It’s dark, and it eats up the heart of the person who owns it.  Don’t allow it to come inside.  Only the God kind of love can change it.

You are God’s children, and we are made in His image according to His Word.  I believe in the integrity of God’s Word.  I know God would not lie to us, and He told us the truth when He said Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, and remember He’s our one-way ticket to heaven.  We should feel so grateful and so blessed that we serve such a Mighty God!

I love you all,


P.S.  Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter!  Jesus is alive!