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Hey Everybody,
This Labor Day, I join with all of you who celebrate the positive contributions everyone has made to the nation we live in and appreciate…the United States of America. Let’s love our country and love each other and be grateful for the progress we’ve made. May we all thank God for our freedom and opportunities to dream big and make our dreams come true.
Donna Fargo
PrimaDonna Entertainment Corporation is proud to share Donna Fargo’s past accomplishments, and we are most honored to have released in 2022 what some are describing as her best CD yet, ALL BECAUSE OF YOU. This recording features formerly unreleased material including her new single, “One of the Good Guys,” all written by Donna. These songs could only come from the inspirational heart and mind of “The Happiest Girl In The Whole U.S.A.”The ALL BECAUSE OF YOU CD is sold at our website store and oursister and will be personally autographed upon request.

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