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Hey My Favorite People,
What a great day it’s been! I had the pleasure of doing an interview with Dave Parsons at Spotlight Magazine located in Wheeling, WV (covering Eastern Ohio, Northern West Virginia, and Western Pennsylvania). I first met him when he was just a teenie bopper, so we had a lot to catch up on. Thank you, Dave, for brightening my day, and thank you Spotlight Magazine.
We’re working on a lot of stuff. Caps are almost ready. We are expanding our sales network. Autographed CDs are now available on eBay. Some of you have been asking about new 8x10s and we’re considering all your ideas. In fact, one of our team has been working on designs for pillows, headbands and door mats among other things….what do you think?
And on top of all that fun, I got a new jacket! Cool, huh? Hot diggety dog!
Donna Fargo

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