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OMG. It’s Friday again.  What happened to all those days in between?  Time sure flies, huh?  But I love it because I get to visit with the “coolest” people anywhere – YOU!  Anyway, somebody asked me recently if I was ever going to answer some of the questions that are being submitted, so here’s one I’m asked a lot…”As an artist and writer, who is your biggest competition?”  You know, I don’t think I’ve ever thought of myself in competition with anyone but myself.  I mean if I’m writing a song, I want the second verse to be better than the first, so in that circumstance, I’m competing with myself to try to make that second verse better.  When I hear a great song, I just admire it and celebrate it.  If I hear an amazing vocal, I’m inspired.  Oh, I’ve hoped I could write something as wonderful as some lyric or melody I’ve heard, but I really think that all of us have our own unique gifts, style and purpose.  I believe that competing with ourselves and not others makes us better.  It’s an exercise that stirs up the possibilities inside us and keeps us inspired with every effort we take.

Whether you’re just trying to get through another day or when you’re taking another step on the road to your dreams, don’t let negative thoughts get you side-tracked.  When they enter your thought space, examine them but don’t “entertain” them.  Resolve them if they relate to you.  And I know you’ve heard this from me before, but it’s important to everyone’s well-being:  The creative spirit is so powerful and we all have it, but if we don’t develop ourselves spiritually, we’re working with only 2/3 of our potential; that means we’re losing 1/3 of our potential and that’s a lot.  If you’re in the habit of doing just whatever, that’s probably what you’ll get – whatever.  You can do more than you think you can, but you have to commit to it and keep on ‘til you get it done.  Your actions prove whether or not your thoughts and words are serious.  It’s to your advantage to love what you do and do what you love.  Sometimes you have to rest, too, and don’t hurt yourself by not resting and responding to your body’s direction.  You know what I mean, I’m sure.  Even when you’re in a state of discouragement or just mired up in “sludgeville,” just keep at it.  If you believe with all your heart, you can get there.  Talk to God.  Ask Him for help.  He loves all of us.  He’s a God of love.  He’s your spiritual Father.  Believe what the BIBLE says in Mark 11:24 and do the best you can.  Know that God cannot lie and He inspired these words.  Remember that faith comes by hearing the WORD and the BIBLE says that we should “renew our minds with the Word of God.”  So…start somewhere and run your own race.  Every day won’t be a skippety do da day, but you can handle it.  I believe in you.

As promised, Linda has added a lot of photos on the Photo Gallery page of, plus we’ve put together a short video clip to share here.   We also previewed 4 new promo pictures on July 4th and they’re now available on the websites, and

So…until next Friday, Miss Hermit signing off.
With love,

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