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Friday Follies…again?  Wow, time flies.  The ice is melting here in Nashville and the sun is shining bright because I get to visit with you. What a group of amazing all-stars!  Have I said Happy New Year yet to my favorite people?

Whether I have or haven’t, I hope you will celebrate every day with a deep sense of gratitude for your life.  I wish you good health and lots of love. I wish you common sense and an ever-lasting faith.  I hope you have everything you want and need.  Remember that with each action you take, you’re making a cumulative footprint on the stairway to your destiny.  Live your life consciously.  You’re the boss.  Be good; be wise; love always.  And don’t forget to soak in the joy of each moment and make every day beautiful.

I hope you’ve had a great week, that every day had some highlights, and you’re looking forward to all the joy that February has in store.



P.S. Just an FYI…we have the next episode of Distinctively Donna planned, but Digxby decided to stay inside this week because of the ice, so we’ll finish that up as soon as we can.  Thank you for submitting your questions, and yes, they can be about anything.


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