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Hey My Favorite Friends,

I just read an article that was designed for clutterers like me, so I just had to share the highlights with those of you who think of yourselves as clutterers too.  Anyway, the article says “having a high IQ isn’t the only thing that marks out smart people from everyone else.”  It gives personality traits of high IQs, and one of them is that they’re clutterers.  I don’t know what my IQ is and I don’t really want to know just in case…Ha Ha Ha.  But I’m so glad there is some hope for us clutterers, aren’t you?

Some of the other traits are these…They read a lot.  They’re curious and inquisitive, and they think outside the box. (Yep, it can get hot inside that box.)  They see rules as mere guidelines, they’re observant, and they pick up subtle details.  (Okay, but I just wish I’d pick up more of the clutter than the details.)  They focus less on trying to talk themselves up and more on taking note of the world around them.  It says they exhibit self-control and don’t mind waiting.  (Hmmnn.  Well, I could use a little more patience, and I talk too much, so I don’t have that much self-control, if I’m being brutally honest, and sometimes I do mind waiting.  So I guess I can’t check this one.)  They’re creative and innovative.  (Sometimes a little maybe.)  They quoted Einstein saying “Imagination is more important than knowledge, for knowledge is limited, and imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress and giving birth to evolution.”  (Okey Dokey.  We knew that.)

The article goes on to say intellectual people are night owls and are among the smartest of us (Now what does that have to do with smart?  Not that we have a button to push to get some sleep, but you know.) and they prioritize their alone time. (So that’s why I’m a hermit. Okay.)

It says intelligent people know their limits and can admit it.  (You said that right.  We hardly ever give ourselves credit.) A Yale study mentioned that higher IQs are receptive to new ideas, open-minded, and clever people listen to all sides of the argument.  They trust their own judgment and are less likely to let their opinions be swayed. (Is that kinda’ like those “It’s my way or the highway” people? Now Donna.) They’re messy! (All right!!!  Thank God. Then I’m really smart if this one’s true. Ha Ha Ha.)  They say disorganization helps. (OMG. I know I’m smart now. Ha Ha again.)  They say Einstein, Steve Jobs, and Thomas Edison all worked among clutter.  (Wow! Now doesn’t that make you feel better?  Okay, there’s hope, I guess.  I mean I like Einstein’s hair, but when mine looks like that, I put on a cap. He didn’t comb his either. Smart people are really funny. (Okay, leaves me out.) They’re empathetic. (I guess they don’t care that “empathic” is preferred over “empathetic.” But that’s okay.  I don’t really either, but just saying.)  It also says they’re compassionate.  They talk to themselves.  (Fits me. I even answer my own questions. Oh Lord. This is long. Wake up. Not too far to go.)

They’re modest and self-aware and anxious. (Yeah on the anxious.) They prefer cats over dogs. (Well, I’ll bet there are more dog lovers than cat lovers out there, so what does that mean?) They’re first borns, (And that’s probably because the mother had more health to give a first born, but that’s just my analysis.  Well that leaves me out anyway. I’m a last born. Probably an accident. Aw shucks.) Oh and I almost left out the last one…breast fed babies are around 61 IQ points higher.  (Too late now, huh?  But WOW! that’s a lot if it’s true. I mean this is a good thing for anyone who’s an only child and was breast fed. And this one would be good especially for pregnant mothers now – who knows – it might be worth a try.) Oh and they also say smart people have more common sense, and whether I’m smart or not, my common sense is telling me to bring this to a close now.

I hope you’re all doing great and taking good care of yourselves.  I know this one was a little crazy, but we don’t really have to compete with Einstein and the others – we have enough trouble competing with ourselves.  We are who we are and we’re okay, and I love you just the way you are!!!



PS It has come to my attention that I made a typo in the 5th paragraph, fourth line from the bottom. It should be 6 IQ points and NOT 61 points. My apologies.

(Note:  Some of this information was from the UK, from Psychological Science Medical News Today, Psychology Today, Yale University, Netherlands University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Dunning-Kruger effect, Ontario, Canada’s Lakehead University, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, Norway’s Nat’l Institute of Occupational Health, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the U.S. of A., Facebook and

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